Why Sweden’s COVID-19 Strategy Is Quietly Becoming the World’s Strategy | Jon Miltimore via @feeonline

It should become ever more obvious in the coming months that we've all had our lives wrecked by a vast social/political experiment based on bad science, media frenzy/ignorance, soothsaying medievalists flinging models, and a creepy desire for political control.

Civil disobedience may be key to recovering our liberty and prosperity in a post-COVID world.

While fear of the COVID-19 pandemic has driven the citizens of many countries around the world to be extremely trusting of their govts.’ info, predictions, advice, and edicts, the Swedish government flipped the script by placing its trust in its citizens.

You don't really own your house. You have to pay property taxes.
You don't really own your dollars. Authorities can seize your bank account or inflate it away.
You don't really own your physical possessions. Authorities can arrest you.

#Bitcoin is something you can really own.