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IQ – Name – Country – IQ Test – Contact Info

230   Konstantinos Ntalachanis, DOS – Lifetime Member
204   Iakovos Koukas, Greece, MATRIQ, https://twitter.com/iakovoskoukas – Lifetime Member
195    Yukun Wang, China, RIDDLES, https://www.linkedin.com/in/yukun-wang-a7205a180 – Lifetime Member
179    Zhonglin Li, Numerus IQ, https://www.facebook.com/zhonglin.li.5817
174   Ivan Ivec, Croatia, Algebrica, www.ivec.ultimaiq.net – Lifetime Member
168    Steven Minnaar, United States, WARP, LexiQ, – Lifetime Member, https://stevenminnaar.com & https://ryzmind.com
166    Nitish Joshi, India, ILLUSION, https://www.linkedin.com/in/nitish-joshi-1a4696170 – Lifetime Member
161    Nikolaos Soulios, Greece, Triplex Light, http://www.facebook.com/nsoulios – Lifetime Member
160    Kishan Harrysingh, GENE Verbal II
160   Wu Shuyong, China, Numerus Light
160   Denis Walch, GENE Verbal III, https://www.facebook.com/Denis.Walch92 – Lifetime Member
157    Jiancong Yin, England, Numerus Light
155    Yang Wang, China, Figure IQ
150   Dragan Mlakić, Bosnia and Hercegovina, MATRIQ, info:bezimeni_autor@yahoo.com – Lifetime Member


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